Chipper Day – October 8th

October 8th Is Canyon Chipper Day

Start your saws and sharpen your pruning shears. On Monday, October 8 we’ll have chipper crews from the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands and United Fire Authority in the canyon to process brush and tree limbs. Any material up to 12 inches in diameter that we clear from our properties and pile at the roadside edge will be chipped and left onsite for re-use as mulch—at no cost to you or the township. Don’t miss this opportunity to reduce the volume of potential wildfire fuels around your home.

If you want to participate (and we hope you will):

  • Have your brush piled by the roadside (main road or any secondary canyon road) by the morning of October 8. We won’t be able to service driveways.
  • Stack your brush in a single direction so the pile is easy to unload.
  • Be careful to not obstruct road shoulders or bike lanes.
  • To be sure we don’t miss your pile, please email your street address to
  • Be aware that we’ll be leaving all chips in place. This free service doesn’t include disposal.

If necessary, we’ll schedule additional crew time, so don’t be concerned if we don’t get to you on day one. And if our chipper crews are called away on firefighting duty, we’ll reschedule and notify everyone by email.

Questions? Call Bill Tobey, Firewise Coordinator, Emigration Canyon Community Council, 801-582-0474.

Let the fuel reduction begin!

Code Red Emergency Notification System

CodeRED is the official community notification system now available to Emigration Canyon residents.  This system will send you alerts regarding emergencies or time-sensitive information that may impact the Canyon.

CodeRED can keep you informed of emergencies such as evacuation notices, utility outages, water shut off, fire, floods, or any other incident that affect safety of lives.

CodeRED delivers a pre-recorded message through a high-speed telephone calling system by phone, email, text and social media. Weather Warnings from the National Weather Service are also available. You must opt-in. Setting up a managed account will allow you to make future updates to your information and alerts options.

To ensure that you are in the database and receive alerts, be sure to register. CLICK HERE.

Your information remains private and will only be used for CodeRED communication.

Want mobile alerts too?  Or you don’t live in the Canyon but work, visit or bike the Canyon.  You will be able to receive alerts by downloading the CodeRED mobile app. CLICK HERE

Firewise 2018

This will be the 16th year that the Emigration Canyon Community Council has hosted a “Firewise” Wildfire Community Preparedness Day. This year’s Firewise event will be held May 19th, from 9AM to noon, at Fire Station 119, 5025 Emigration Canyon Rd.

Some of the morning’s activities will be familiar. Mayor Joe Smolka will be flipping pancakes, and we’ll have games and activities for the kids. Members of both the Metro Township Council and the Community Council will be on hand to discuss the ongoing transition of county and township governance.

But the core purpose of Firewise Day is wildfire education, planning, and preparation. Firewise is a national program that teaches individuals to live adaptively in fire-prone environments and encourages community efforts to mitigate risks, reduce losses, and optimize the effectiveness of professional firefighting resources.

We’ll have experts on hand from the U.S. Forest Service; the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire, and State Lands; Salt Lake County’s Unified Fire Authority; and Utah’s Indoor Radon Program. We’ll have displays and discussions on fire-safe landscaping strategies, fuel reduction, and evacuation planning. Spend the morning of May 19 with your neighbors at Firewise Day and you’ll help make Emigration Canyon a safer place for all this fire season.

What to do at Firewise Day?

  • Learn how to harden your home with fire- safe landscaping and fuel reduction
  • Schedule an on-site risk assessment with a UFA firefighter
  • Plan a fast, safe, well-organized family fire evacuation
  • Find an emergency response training class and join a Community Emergency Response Team (C.E.R.T.)
  • Learn about and join in community wildfire planning activities

Join your canyon neighbors at the UFA Fire Station, May 18th from 9:00 a.m. to noon, for pancakes and a generous helping of community wildfire preparedness.

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