Myrtle Spurge

Purge the Spurge!

Myrtle Spurge started out as an ornamental plant in gardens but has quickly spread and become an invasive species. It has no natural predators (no deer or moose eat it) and is dominating hillsides in the canyon, choking out all other plant life.

How can you help?

Please help the canyon out by removing any myrtle spurge in your gardens or property. These plants spread by both seed and root, so they will definitely migrate from your garden to other surrounding areas.

Best way to get rid of it:

Use those muscles! During the spring months in the canyon, the soil is nice & damp which makes it fairly easy to simply pull up the plants. The root system will usually pull up with it, making for quick and effective removal. A shovel can also be helpful in digging out the roots if the ground isn’t super wet. Try to dig down at least 4” to get the roots. Dispose of plants in the garbage versus composting.

Make sure to wear gloves when handling Myrtle Spurge! The plant contains a milky white sap that can cause serious skin & eye irritation!

Here are links to more information about myrtle spurge: