2017 Emigration Canyon Metro Township Boundary

Landslide, Debris Flow, and Rock Fall Special Study Area Map – Salt Lake County, UT. “Per the Geologic Hazards Ordinance (Chapter 19.75 of the Salt Lake County Zoning Ordinance), site-specific geologic hazard investigations are required in special study areas, and my be required in ares within the Foothills and Canyons Overlay Zone (Chapter 19.72, adopted January 21, 1998), areas where slopes are in excess of 30 percent, and areas where site conditions indicate a potential for geologic hazards.”

1999 Bedrock Characteristics

1999 General Slope

1999 Property Ownership

1999 Ridgeline Protection

1999 Soils Constraints

1999 Trails Access

1999 Wildlife Habitat

Original Zoning Dates


Emigration Canyon & Lower Parleys Canyons By William Case, Utah Geological Survey

Geologic Guide to the Central Wasatch Front Canyons, Utah Geologic Survey (PDF)