Community Input Requested – Emigration Canyon General Plan


Emigration Canyon’s Draft 2020 General Plan will be the first general plan for the Municipality since it incorporated as a Metro Township in 2017. The Plan synthesizes data and public feedback to assess current conditions, formulate a future vision, and prepare a work program for navigating forward from today.

Elements that focus on Land Use, Transportation, Economic Development, Environment, and Resilience and Infrastructure are included.

Public input on this draft is welcome now through the upcoming public Planning Commission hearing, which will be held on 12/17 at 8:30am. All are welcome to attend the hearing. The meeting link will be posted here:

Read the Emigration Canyon Draft 2020 General Plan and get other information related to the planning process here:

To submit feedback on the draft, please contact Wendy Gurr:

November & December Metro Township Council Meetings Rescheduled

The November, 2020 Metro Township Council meeting has been rescheduled to November 17th at 7PM. The meeting notice and Zoom link can be found here:

The December, 2020 Metro Township Council meeting has been rescheduled to December 17th at 7PM. The meeting notice will be posted here:

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ECCC Election Results

The Emigration Canyon Community Council’s biennial election was held electronically this year. 192 canyon residents participated in the election. Six members were elected: Kate Miyagi, Bill Tobey, Michael Jimenez, Dan Anderson, Greg Rudowski, and Zach Posner. Congratulations to all, especially our new members Zach Posner and Greg Rudowski. To all who voted, thank you for your participation!

See the full election results: 2020 Election Report

Notice of ECCC Election

The Emigration Canyon Community Council (ECCC) will be holding our election online this year. Canyon residents who are registered to vote in the canyon are eligible to vote for community council members. Each eligible resident will receive a letter in the mail approximately two weeks before the election deadline, with instructions for how to vote, including a unique voter ID code. The election will close at 11:30pm on November 3, 2020. Election results will be posted here on our website by November 12, 2020.

The ECCC is comprised of 12 elected volunteer members, who are Emigration Canyon residents. Each is elected to a four-year term, with six members being elected each even year. All 12 members serve at-large, as there is no districting in the canyon. ​During this 2020 election, we will be filling 6 community council seats. Each seat in this election will serve a four-year term, ending at the end of the 2024 calendar year. ​Below is the list of candidates and a short bio for each candidate. Write-ins are also allowed.

If you encounter any problems, please email or call our election officer, Matt Velinder at​ or (720) 320-2987.

Dan Anderson

I moved to the canyon in 2015, and live on the main canyon road with my wife, 1 kid, and 1 energetic dog. Both myself and my wife grew up in very rural settings (West Virginia and Illinois), so the peacefulness and privacy the canyon offers makes us feel right at home here. I joined the Emigration Community Council early in 2017 and have enjoyed working with my neighbors to improve canyon life in meaningful ways for all of us. I’ve spent a lot of time working with canyon residents and public officials to improve the hiking/biking trail system within the canyon so we have better control over the influx of people wishing to recreate in our beautiful canyon. I’m looking forward to implementing some of these trail improvement measures as well as becoming involved in our other community projects.

Michael Jimenez

Michael moved into Emigration in 2014 after traveling the windy road of our beloved canyon on Sunday drives since his early childhood. He has realized that we must each contribute to the preservation of our beautiful community. Michael has just retired after 30 years as a Civil Servant working both at HAFB and the VA hospital in multiple engineering positions. He is the proud parent of three wonderful children that make their own home along the Wasatch Front. He is focused on preserving the precious resources that are under constant threat. He values road safety and helping to minimize the impact on residences, preservation of sensitive critical wildlife habitat, responsible development of existing access in our canyon along trails, roads and pathways, and lastly- Michael values people, his neighbors perspective and the inclusion of all ideas. He believes it takes a community to create a safe haven for each other.

Kate Miyagi

Kate Miyagi joined the Emigration Canyon Community Council in 2016 and has served as Secretary since January, 2017. Kate lives in Pinecrest with her husband, two kids, and menagerie of pets. Since joining the community council, she has launched a new website and email list, and manages social media pages for the ECCC. The website contains useful resources for new canyon residents as well as community notices. She encourages everyone to sign up for the electronic newsletter, since the ECCC is moving away from mailing paper newsletters. (Sign up by going to or email Kate also serves on the board of the Pinecrest Service Association and on two committees under Utah’s Department of Professional Licensing. As a member of the community council, she hopes to preserve its integrity as an independent organization representing all canyon residents.

Zach Posner

Zach Posner moved into the Canyon with his family in June of 2019. He grew up in Chicago and began his professional career in Washington, DC. Life brought Zach west in 2011 after falling in love with everything Utah had to offer. He has worked in leadership positions in not-for-profit and private sector organizations, and currently works in local government, where he serves as the Chief Information Officer for Salt Lake County. He believes strongly in the preservation of our wildlands and wild spaces, for the benefit of all. His work is driven by the ability of technology to enhance community. He holds a Master of Science in IT Management from American University in Washington, DC. Here in Emigration Canyon he keeps bees while his dog fails to catch the rabbits forever menacing the garden.

Gregory Rudowski

I have been a resident of Emigration Canyon (Pinecrest) since moving up from downtown Salt Lake City in 2011. The unique combination of canyon history, peaceful neighborhoods, and proximity to the city are a few of the things I love most about our community. When it comes to outdoor activities, the canyon’s four seasons lend well to enjoying mountain biking and backcountry snowboarding. My career has been in construction safety & risk management. Recently I moved from a role that required frequent business travel to a locally-based position. With more time at home, I am excited to have the opportunity to become more involved in the canyon community. I hope to be able to use my previous experiences to help advise on canyon projects and continually improve the community in which we live.

Bill Tobey

I’ve lived in Badger Hollow since 1992 and love the canyon for the same reasons we all do. I’m mostly retired from a career in marketing communications, married for almost 40 years to Julie, and father to Elizabeth, a world-wandering kayaker and now graduate student. I volunteered to fill an open seat on the community council in 2018. Since that time I’ve coordinated the Firewise program, organized our famously delayed chipper months, and worked with the council group that reconsidered our 2007 trails master plan for shovel-ready opportunities. I currently serve on the township’s general plan steering committee and co-chair the community council. I have enjoyed these opportunities to make myself useful while making new friends around the canyon. I hope you’ll allow me to continue as, finally, an elected member of the community council. Thank-you for your consideration.