The Second Edition of the book: History of Emigration Canyon: Gateway to the Salt Lake Valley (2019) by Jeffrey Carlstrom and Cynthia Furse is now available, just in time for holiday shopping!

This edition is available three ways:
1. As a black and white paperback ($17.58),
2. As a color hardcover ($92.52), or
3. As a FREE PDF.

Use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY25 to get 25% off, until December 1st!

The book is “print-on-demand” which means an individual copy is printed, bound, and mailed to you upon your order. The printing and binding takes 3-5 days, and the shipping depends on your choice of mailing options.

Read more about the Emigration Canyon History project here:

Cindy says: This is a labor of love, and we are taking no profit on the book. Instead, if you feel inclined, please consider donating to your favorite local charity (Camp K, perhaps?).

Happy Holidays!