8/16 UPDATE: As of Tuesday night, August 15th, the upcoming weekend closures have been postponed.  Check back here for updates. Another update is expected on Friday, August 18th.

August Weekend Closures

UPDATE: the full weekend closures have been switched, with the I-80 westbound I-215 southbound section taking place first. The closures are necessary to complete the remaining portions of bridge rehabilitation. These closure dates are still subject to change based on weather. Plan on the following:

  • I-80 westbound to I-215 southbound interchange: Closing Friday, August 18 at 9 p.m. and reopening Monday, August 21 by 5 a.m.
  • I-80 eastbound to I-215 southbound interchange: Closing Friday, August 25 at 9 p.m. and reopening Monday, August 28 by 5 a.m.

Detour maps will be available with next week’s update.

If you have questions, comments, or concerns please call or email us at:

Project Hotline: (888) 342-1555
Project Email: i80foothill@utah.gov
Website: www.udot.utah.gov/renovatei80




I-80 Eastbound to I-215 Southbound Lane Restrictions

I-80 eastbound to I-215 southbound (between milepost 0 and milepost 1) will have daily lane closures. You may experience traffic delays through this area.

I-215 Northbound I-80 Westbound Lane Restrictions

I-215 northbound to I-80 westbound (between milepost 0 and milepost 1) will have daily lane closures. You may experience traffic delays through this area.

Foothill Drive to Southbound I-215 Closed

Access from Foothill Drive to southbound I-215 is closed until mid-September.

For I-215 access, please use the following detour route: Travel south on the Foothill Drive ramp to I-80 westbound. Take the I-15 south to the I-15/I-215 interchange where you can continue south on the I-15 or go east or west on the I-215 belt route. A detour map can be found at the bottom of the page.

Access from southbound Foothill Drive to I-80 east and west will remain open, however only one travel lane will be available from Maywood Drive to the interstate ramps.

UDOT has determined that 700 East and 1300 East do not have functional capacity to accommodate I-215 detour traffic. If you choose to travel in these areas, you are likely to experience traffic delays.


Foothill Drive Southbound Reduced to One Lane

Access to I-80 in both directions is open from southbound Foothill Drive, but is reduced to one lane at Maywood Drive through mid-September. Expect delays or find an alternate route.

Eastbound I-80 to Northbound Foothill Drive Closed

Eastbound I-80 to northbound Foothill Drive (loop ramp) is closed through mid_September. Access can be made by exiting onto I-215 southbound and taking the detour u-turn at the 3300 South exit, returning north onto the I-215 to Foothill Drive. A detour map can be found at the bottom of the page.

Parleys Way to Foothill Drive Southbound Ramp Closed

Access to Foothill Drive southbound ramp from Parleys Way eastbound is closed at Wilshire Drive. The closure is in place through mid-September. A detour map can be found at the bottom of the page.

Parleys Way Westbound from I-80 and I-215 Closed

Access from I-80 and I-215 to Parleys Way westbound is closed.

I-80 Lane Restrictions

I-80 is reduced to one lane in each direction each night, Monday through Thursday, from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. Drivers should plan for restrictions between 1300 East and Foothill Drive. These lane closures are planned to continue through September.

Intermittent lane closures during daylight hours along I-80 between 1700 East and East Canyon will continue through the duration of the project.

I-80 Phase 2-300 dpi copy

Plan Ahead and Rethink Your Trip

Multiple continued closures (noted in the Traffic Alert section and map above) will continue through mid-September. Motorists should plan ahead and find alternate travel options to avoid delays.

Current Closures Include:

Southbound I-215 from Foothill Drive southbound (Please use I-80 west to the I-15 south as an alternate).
Parleys Way eastbound to Foothill Drive southbound ramp.
Foothill Drive northbound from I-80 eastbound.
Parley’s Way westbound under Foothill Bridge.
Ramp I-80 westbound to I-215 westbound (this is the small ramp from Rocky Road to I-215 northbound).
TravelWise Road Construction

We understand project impacts make traveling a challenge. To mitigate delays and other effects, UDOT urges motorists to make alternate plans. To find other route options, use the Travelwise Rethink your Trip website (please note this tool doesn’t account for construction or traffic delays).

You can also telework or temporarily adjust your start/stop work times. Other smart travel tips include carpooling or using transit. Employees in the Foothill/University of Utah area will have access to frequent buses and Trax. A map of UTA transit access in this area can be found here.

For the latest traffic information, visit the UDOT Traffic website, udottraffic.utah.gov, or download the UDOT Traffic App for your iOS or Android device.



Can I get to I-215 from Foothill Drive?
Access to the I-215 is not available from Foothill Drive. Traffic is detoured south on Foothill Drive to I-80 westbound, south on I-15 and back east/north at the south I-215 / I-15 interchange.

Why is access from Foothill Drive to I-215 completely closed?
Structural engineers and bridge experts determined the bridge cannot allow for a deck reconstruction to take place in phases, as was possible with the Foothill Drive bridge. Move in place bridges are typically used when a new bridge is being constructed or if an entire bridge needs to be replaced. Neither is the case in this instance, so access from Foothill Drive to southbound I-215 will be closed through mid-September.

Can I get to I-80 from Foothill Drive southbound?
Yes access to both east and westbound I-80 is open, however, travel is reduced to one lane beginning at Maywood Drive.

Is the I-80 open?
Yes. Through travel in both east and westbound directions on I-80 is open. Intermittent work is taking place in the shoulder under various bridges, so please be cautious as you travel I-80 between 1700 East and East Canyon.

No Stop Required

How does the detour loop at 3300 South work?

The detour route at 3300 South/I-215 is marked and barricaded with traffic being directed through a non-stop U-Turn. From the far left lane, follow the detour markings, making a left turn onto the overpass and turning left again back north onto the I-215 northbound on-ramp.

The far left detour U-Turn does not require a stop at the traffic signal.

How does the detour from I-80 get me to Foothill Drive?
Exit I-80 to southbound I-215, then exit at 3300 South and follow the detour loop to northbound I-215. Access Foothill Drive from I-215 northbound. The far left U-Turn lane does not need to stop at the traffic signal as traffic controls are in place to allow detour traffic to flow continuously.

Which ramps are closed?
Eastbound I-80 exit ramp to access Foothill Drive northbound from I-80 is closed through mid-September.

Southbound I-215 access from Foothill Drive is closed July 5 at 5 AM through mid-September.

How do I access Foothill Drive?
Access to Foothill Drive northbound can be made from the I-215 ramp with two travel lanes open.

Can I still access Parleys Way from I-80?
No. Access from I-80 to Parleys Way westbound is closed.

How will closures impact the July holidays?
Aside from the ongoing closures mentioned above, July 24th will not have additional closures.

What are specific benefits for the northbound Foothill Drive ramp area?
The project will improve and lengthen the merge area for traffic exiting eastbound I-80. UDOT will shift traffic slightly and stripe an auxiliary lane between the I-80 eastbound off-ramp to Foothill Drive and the off-ramp to Parleys Way. This will improve functionality and traffic flow for the northbound Foothill Drive ramp.

The project also includes complete resurfacing of the bridge, which will prolong the life of the bridge.

What is the work schedule?
Work will typically take place Monday through Saturday from 6 AM until midnight. Overnight work may take place as needed.

SB Foothill Side

Demolition work takes place on the southbound segment of the Foothill Drive Bridge.

Why will the project take several months?
The project entails many stages, including equipment mobilization, preparation and implementation of traffic controls, construction of temporary travel areas, demolition, paving, cure times for concrete work and paint, road striping, bridge and other project inspections, materials testing, and hauling away construction debris.

Why is UDOT doing this project?
This project includes a total of ten bridges along the I-80 from 1700 East to East Canyon. The work will preserve critical infrastructure and optimize mobility along I-80. Because I-80 is one of Utah’s most heavily traveled freeways, it’s imperative that structural integrity of bridges be maintained to ensure safety and efficiency.

Each of the ten bridges is in need of different repairs, but a synopsis of general work to be performed includes:

Travel surface of bridges will be repaired or replaced.
Beams, columns, parapets and girders will be inspected and repaired if necessary.
Bridges will be painted.
Concrete will be repaired and sealed.

The final outcome of this project ensures safety through improved structural soundness. Travel conditions will be improved as the road surface will be smoother. Lastly, the lifespan of the bridges will be protected and any deficiencies will be identified and addressed.

Foothill Drive Southbound to I-215 Detour Map

Foothill Drive to I-215 Detour

I-80 Eastbound to Foothill Drive Northbound Detour Map

Eastbound Detour copy

Parleys Way to Foothill Drive Southbound Ramp Detour Map

Parleys Way Eastbound