Breaking News: Canyon Chipping is ON!

Friends and neighbors, start your saws!

We have some unexpected good news: In what has become a very difficult year, United Fire Authority managers found both the manpower and the funding for a seasonal fuels mitigation crew. We now expect them to begin a brush chipping circuit of Emigration Canyon on or about Monday May 18.

This is an excellent opportunity to extend and maintain your home’s fire defense perimeter with no time-consuming trips to the landfill. Simply stack all cut tree limbs by the roadside by the morning of the 18th. UFA personnel will process the material and leave a pile of chips you can use in landscaping.

As always, the crew will make just one circuit of the canyon, including the main road and all paved secondary roads. Material brought to the roadside after the crew has passed will not be processed.

If you want to participate—and we hope you will—please confirm by emailing your name and street address to

We’ll provide the crew with a street-by-street itinerary to ensure that every home is served.

When you’re finished, please consider sharing your hours and expenses with us at the same email address. We can count your time and spending toward the township’s annual Firewise investment requirement. Maintaining this certification helps lower home fire insurance premiums and qualifies the township for state support of wildland firefighting costs.

Constructing Piles for Chipping

  • Limbs should be no larger than 12 inches in diameter
  • Maximum limb length should be 4 feet
  • Stack limbs with the larger end facing toward the road, within 5 feet the roadway
  • Piles should be less than 4 feet high and only 1 row deep.

Questions? Call or email Bill Tobey at 801-582-0474 /

April ECCC Meeting

The April ECCC meeting is scheduled for April 14th at the usual time. This meeting will take place via Zoom. Community members, please email if you have any items you would like to have added to the agenda.

New edition of the Emigration Canyon History book now available!

The Second Edition of the book: History of Emigration Canyon: Gateway to the Salt Lake Valley (2019) by Jeffrey Carlstrom and Cynthia Furse is now available, just in time for holiday shopping!

This edition is available three ways:
1. As a black and white paperback ($17.58),
2. As a color hardcover ($92.52), or
3. As a FREE PDF.

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The book is “print-on-demand” which means an individual copy is printed, bound, and mailed to you upon your order. The printing and binding takes 3-5 days, and the shipping depends on your choice of mailing options.

Read more about the Emigration Canyon History project here:

Cindy says: This is a labor of love, and we are taking no profit on the book. Instead, if you feel inclined, please consider donating to your favorite local charity (Camp K, perhaps?).

Happy Holidays!