We all know to call 911 in the event of a fire or life-threatening emergency. But have you ever received a call from 911? Commonly known as “Reverse 911,” this emergency notification system is a way to contact citizens in the event of a large-scale emergency.

Salt Lake Valley Emergency Communications Center (VECC), which provides service to Emigration Canyon, has instituted a regional notification system that is able to send telephone notifications to residents and businesses within VECC’s area impacted by, or in danger of being impacted by, an emergency or disaster.

If you have a phone other than a landline such as a cable network, VoIP or a cellular phone and would like to be notified over that device, you must register those your numbers.
VECC encourages citizens to go to http://vecc9-1-1.com/ and register cell, VOIP, and emails so you can be notified in cause of an emergency.

– Michael Conn, Firefighter Specialist – Station 119