Welcome to Emigration Canyon. In addition to enjoying the wildlife, clear air, and the dark skies, you are now in charge of your own sewage. If you’ve never had a septic tank or associated drain field, here are a few tips for their care and feeding.

  1. Don’t use the toilet for trash disposal. Things advertised as “flushable” – aren’t. Feminine hygiene products, baby wipes, etc. belong in the trash.
  2. The septic tank requires occasional pumping out. Pumping frequency depends on the size of your household (the amount of use) and the size of the septic tank. Every 5 years is a ballpark estimate. If you neglect this, your system will suffer, and require expensive repairs.
  3. Products advertised to “help” the system – won’t. The anaerobic microorganisms that are doing the “work” in the septic tank – breaking down the solids – work just fine without them. For example, some recommend flushing oxygen bleach products to give the microorganism oxygen. These organisms thrive without oxygen, and suffer with it. Save your money.
  4. USU extension has published an excellent fact sheet regarding septic systems. http://extension.usu.edu/smac/files/uploads/Factsheets%20and%20Surverys/FAS6_septic_factsheet.pdf
  5. More detail about septic systems from El Dorado County, California: https://www.edcgov.us/Government/EMD/EnvironmentalHealth/Homeowner_Manual_Septic_Tanks.aspx