“This sign could save your life” — that’s what UPD Officer Rusty Wright has to say about the new Emigration Township house number signs.

When rescue personnel respond to an emergency, every minute counts. That’s why the community council is now offering highly visible, weather resistant house numbers to Emigration Canyon residents.

Our emergency responders have expressed frustration with the way house numbers are displayed on houses in the canyon.  Here are some examples of unhelpful – but unfortunately common – house numbers:

  • Too small (they recommend at least 6″ high numbers)
  • Missing (stickers on mailboxes often peel off)
  • Not visible from the road (for example, numbers displayed on a rock in the driveway, hidden under snow in winter, or on a porch that is set back from the road)
  • Not enough contrast with the background (for example, black numbers on a brown garage)
  • Old numbering system (old Emigration Canyon Rd address rather than your new street number)

Michael Conn, Unified Fire Authority liaison to Emigration Canyon, says: “Imagine emergency personnel responding to a 911 call at your address after dark – would you feel confident they could find you easily?” If your house number is not easily visible from the road, they will have to waste valuable time driving slowly up your road with a search light to try to locate you.

To provide a solution to this, the ECCC is working with Salt Lake County to provide large, easy-to-read signs to display house numbers to Emigration Canyon residents. Cottonwood Canyon residents have adopted similar house numbers, and about half of all Cottonwood Canyon homes now display the new numbers.  Rusty Wright, UPD says the new numbers in Cottonwood Canyon “make a world of difference.”

The new signs display your house number and the “Emigration Township” logo. They are on metal and are highly reflective, similar to street signs or highway signs. They are 8″ by 24″ and available in horizontal and vertical formats.

The ECCC will coordinate ordering these signs from Salt Lake County. We will be ordering them in batches of 10 or more.

If you would like to order one or more signs, please click the link at the bottom for the order form. After you send us your order, you must submit payment before we can place your order. You can choose between sending us a check (made out to Emigration Canyon Community Council) or paying by Paypal.

Submitting Payment

We must receive your payment before we can send your order to the sign shop. Please mail a check, made out to Emigration Canyon Community Council, for $27.50 per sign to:
Stephanie Harpst
585 S Standel Dr
Salt Lake City, UT 84108

Sorry, we do not have an electronic payment option at this time. Please mail a check or cash to Stephanie Harpst.


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