Feeling called to serve in your community? Here’s how!

Many of your neighbors in the canyon serve as volunteers or elected officials. You could be one of them! The Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council, the Emigration Canyon Planning Commission, and the Emigration Canyon Community Council are all seeking team members.

Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council

If you want to contribute to revising ordinances, overseeing municipal services, interfacing with other agencies in Salt Lake County, and other local canyon governance, sign up to run for Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council in November’s general election. Any voter registered in the canyon can run. You must file your candidacy in person at the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office at 2001 South State St, room S1-200, between June 3 – 7, and pay a filing fee of $50. https://slco.org/clerk/elections/candidate-information/

The Emigration Canyon Metro Township Council typically meets every fourth Thursday of the month, starting at 7PM. Their website is: http://www.ecmetro.org. Their public meetings are posted here: https://www.utah.gov/pmn/sitemap/publicbody/5809.html

Emigration Canyon Planning Commission

There are current openings on the Emigration Canyon Metro Township Planning Commission. The Planning Commission reviews and makes recommendations on the general plan, FCOZ, planning, building and permitting that requires additional public hearings, and conditional uses. Planning Commissioners are appointed by the EC Metro Township Council. Contact Robert Pinon (robertopinon@gmail.com) for more info. The Planning Commission’s meetings are posted here: https://www.utah.gov/pmn/sitemap/publicbody/1562.html 

Emigration Canyon Community Council

This is us! If you have interest in volunteering to assist with public education and programming in the areas of safety, development, or communications then consider applying to fill an opening on Emigration Canyon Community Council, a nonprofit, volunteer organization. Please contact Lisa Schneider (flowerpixel@hotmail.com) for additional information. We typically meet the second Tuesday of each month. Check our online calendar for our meeting schedule: http://www.emigrationcanyon.org/calendar/ and here is our typical agenda: http://www.emigrationcanyon.org/community-council/eccc-meetings-agendas/

If you want to get involved but aren’t sure where to start, come to any of these organizations’ regular meetings to learn more!