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Emigration Canyon History


Emigration Canyon

Gateway to Salt Lake Valley

Did you know that Emigration Canyon ALMOST became home to a “Summer Whitehouse” Presidential retreat? 

You can learn about this and more in a book by Canyon residents Jeffrey Carlstrom and Cynthia Furse.

Emigration Canyon

Mile by Mile

Where in the canyon was the the old Pinecrest Inn? Or the Cattle Baron Restaurant? Where did the Emigration Canyon Railroad stop? Did you know we used to have a dance hall in the canyon?

Peruse the map below to find locations of historical sites within the canyon.

Many thanks to Jeff Carlstrom for putting the points on the map and helping us connect past & present in Emigration Canyon!


Emigration Canyon is well-known in these parts as the “Gateway to Salt Lake City.” Tens of thousands of pioneers entered the Salt Lake Valley through this main thoroughfare in the mid-1800s. When the Pioneer Era ended with the coming of the transcontinental railroad in 1869, the canyon became a local road, still used by travelers, but a lot less.


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