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Emigration Canyon
Gateway to the Salt Lake Valley

Did you know?

That Emigration Canyon ALMOST became home to a “Summer Whitehouse” Presidential retreat? That an electric railroad ran the whole length of the canyon? That it was home to one of the largest breweries west of the Mississippi? That it was at least partly responsible for the demise of the Donner-Reed Party?

You can learn about all of this and more in a book by canyon residents Jeffrey Carlstrom and Cynthia Furse, Emigration Canyon: Gateway to Salt Lake Valley.

The latest, 2019 edition is available now! This edition is available three ways:
1. As a black and white paperback,
2. As a color hardcover, or
3. As a FREE PDF.


The book is “print-on-demand” which means an individual copy is printed, bound, and mailed to you upon your order. The printing and binding takes 3-5 days, and the shipping depends on your choice of mailing options.

Cindy says: This is a labor of love, and we are taking no profit on the book. Instead, if you feel inclined, please consider donating to your favorite local charity (Camp K, perhaps?).

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